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AMIClubwear is an online retail store based in one of the American fashion capitals – Los Angeles. The current CEO Yang Yang founded the company in 2007. It specializes in selling women’s clothing, including plus size, swimwear and shoes at affordable prices. AMIClubwear is also famous for being the first brand to start using the term “clubwear.” Having over 7,000+ different shoes in stock, it is one of the leading brands in the women’s footwear industry. Over 90% of the company’s employees are women, and AMIClubwear rightfully describes itself as “a positive place for girls.” It promotes a body-positive attitude and works on making all women feel comfortable with the way they look.


The brand looked for a reliable ecommerce professional to upgrade the performance of their online store. The BelVG team of seasoned experts integrated Swiftype site search and Akeneo PIM to simplify product management procedure. Besides, we created a warehouse management system from scratch and integrated it into Magento, improved caching process, optimized numerous uploaded images, and added lazy load. With OWL Carousel merchants can create a responsive fully customisable slider and AddThis tool reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts sales.


Magento Integration


Top-level user experience is the number one requirement for ecommerce websites, especially when we are talking about a highly competitive fashion and clothing retail segment. Beautiful and stylish website design alone is not enough to win customers. When working with AMIClubwear on Magento website development, BelVG team put the needs of the company’s customers first. We also integrated Swiftype site search.


This world-class search solution allows our client to deliver relevant results for all queries and to provide improved user experience for customers. We also took care of website managers by integrating Akeneo PIM into Magento 2 to streamline the product management process. With OWL Carousel it is possible to have a responsive carousel slider which is fully customisable and enhances mobile browsing experience.


Custom Magento Development


With thousands of products in the catalog, the warehouse management system is what every website owner needs to ensure smooth online store operation. Providing clients with a wide range of goods, AMIClubwear was looking for a trouble-free tool that would meet all their requirements being compatible with Magento platform at the same time. The custom solution designed to fulfill the client’s needs turned out to be the perfect decision.


The knowledgeable BelVG developers used the AMIClubwear requirements as a guide, creating a warehouse management system from scratch and integrating it into Magento. This challenging task allowed us to have an exciting development experience and to provide AMIClubwear with what they needed.


Magento Speed and Optimization


The faster, the better. This is the main slogan of successful ecommerce. Following the latest search engine requirements, AMIClubwear set its online store speed and optimization as one of the main development goals. Working in ecommerce for over 15 years, BelVG knew exactly what to do to achieve this aim. Both back and front end developers were involved in the optimization process.


Together they improved the caching process, minified JavaScript, optimized numerous uploaded images, and implemented lazy load. We also tested all the installed Magento extensions and ensured their compatibility. It allowed us to significantly speed up the AMIClubwear online store and gain more customers for the company. Besides, AddThis ecommerce tool is implemented on the website to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales, capture leads, and to effectively segment the audience to drive more engagement.

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