WooСommerce Web Design for AdauraTech

High-performance programmable RF attenuators

AdauraTech was established in 2013 by the specialists in the RF, microwave and system automation sphere. The primary focus of the company has always been to provide the personnel working in these fields with excellent equipment at a decent price. AdauraTech manufactures and sells high-performance programmable RF attenuators that are used for both wireless and loT devices. Besides, the company offers special wireless test systems, RF power dividers, anechoic chamber filters, USB control hubs and customized solutions. These products are an efficient and low-cost way to meet the challenges that both small and large companies face in the wireless and IoT industries.


The company was looking for experienced WooCommerce professionals to help them with the web design of their website. They reached out to BelVG to meet their goals in the online store development and we carried out web design services for them, improving the appearance of their shop. We managed to cope with all the tasks on time and within budget, delivering attractive design that makes the store more appealing to the customers. The website contains social networks tools, such as LinkedIn Insight Tag to enable comprehensive campaign reporting, give valuable insights about the website visitors and optimize the conversion of ads, and LinkedIn Ads advertising instrument. Moreover, MailChimp integration is implemented as the mailing list delivery and support service and Contact Form 7 is used for WordPress blog. Moreover, there is a free enterprise class security and performance Wordfence plugin on the website that enhances WordPress work. The website uses PrivateSystems web hosting and Apache web server.


WooСommerce Audit


A successful online shop should function properly so that the clients can enjoy the smooth and stable operation of the website and, as a result, select the products or services they need, and proceed to the checkout. It is necessary to evaluate the important characteristics of the website and conduct comprehensive research to get a grasp of actual website state.


First and foremost, when AdauraTech reached out to BelVG for help with their WooCommerce website, we had to carry out a detailed audit to define the vulnerabilities and the spheres that need to be improved to guarantee a great shopping experience for their clients and increase customer satisfaction. When the thorough report made by our developers was ready, we got a clear view on what should be done to improve the AdauraTech website.


WooСommerce Web Design


For an online entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the appearance of the website. If it is unique and attractive, more customers visit the online store, decide to stay on the website, study the products that are offered, and proceed to the shopping cart afterwards. The BelVG’s main task was to create a one-of-a-kind appealing web design that would attract the customers and encourage them to make a purchase.


AdauraTech decided to turn to BelVG’s deep expertise in ecommerce to develop fancy web design for their WooCommerce online store. Thanks to BelVG’s extensive experience in creating and customizing online shops, our talented software engineers designed a distinctive look of the website so that it can stand out from competitors and attract more relevant customers.


WooСommerce Support


In order to ensure reliable performance of the website, timely support is necessary. When the website is under development, it is important to provide the needed maintenance on time. The services have to be done efficiently and without any delay. High-quality support services are a guarantee of the website’s stable operation.


Ecommerce websites are constantly evolving, new products and services are being introduced to online stores. The changes and adjustments are reflected in the website appearance and work. It is of vital importance to keep an eye on the website to provide your clients with a first-rate shopping experience and boost sales. The BelVG ecommerce developers can provide you with top-notch support and maintenance to take your website to the next level.

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