Upgrade to Magento 2.1

Run a correct upgrade to the latest version available


Upgrade your Magento
to version 2.1.0

Upgrade your Magento to version 2.1.0

Most developers and administrators working with Magento 2.0 face internal bugs of this relatively new platform. It’s simply inevitable: bugs pop up even after an official release. The developers try to improve their platform by adding internal fixes and security enhancements in new versions.

Store owners should always make sure their store is up-to-date if they don’t want it to be hacked and if they want it to look decently in the eyes of their customers. The latest version that is currently available is 2.1.0 and it contains fixes that bothered those who worked with previous versions.

Upgrade your Magento to version 2.1.0
Upgrade your Magento to version 2.1.0

If you already started building a store on Magento 2 and faced its internal issues, the best idea will be to upgrade your Magento to version 2.1.0. And if it seems like something you are not sure about, get our team involved in your project and make your upgrade go smoothly.

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