How We Manage Projects. Part 1. Requirements & Estimates

How We Manage Projects. Part 1. Requirements & Estimates

How do we manage projects?

When approaching us with new projects customers often require a certain way of managing them. Sometimes clients expect that we have a standard process.

If you want to start with us, you can always suggest your preferred project management tool and require a certain approach. Since we started we found our way to manage projects. It doesn’t mean that we always follow it, but if there are no other requirements, we usually follow it. (more…)

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Being one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world, Prestashop has established the reputation as a reliable tool that meets all client’s expectations. Despite benefits, it brings there are so many questions left that need explanation. Prestashop is constantly changing so its users need to keep pace with it. That’s why the BelVG company has accepted the responsibility to enlighten the minds, having created the blog dedicated the relevant issue. The questions that are being observed contain the following: Prestashop updates, Prestashop modules and themes reviews, “How to…” tutorials, recent news about new Prestashop 1.7 version, Prestashop User Guides, Prestashop Developer Guides. All the topics are written by experienced developers who have been involved in Prestashop world for more than 7 years. Relying on the experience of highly-qualified professionals, you’re provided with straightforward information while keeping updated.