Magento user training

True story: web store owners that skip Magento user training make less money.

Here’s how skipping Magento 2 training may impact your sales:

  • Being negligent with product titles, descriptions, and images leads to sloppy search engine optimization. That, in turn, results in less Google traffic and less sales;
  • Using ecommerce analytics properly will supercharge your marketing and sales. Skipping the analytics work will leave money on the table;
  • Improperly configured navigation and page elements result in bad user experience and high bounce rate;
  • If your employees are not proficient in order, invoice and shipment management your business will never really benefit from the Magento integration.

To avoid these and many other issues you need to make sure that you and other staff members  that work with your Magento 2 store undergo training. Not just the feel-good-you-can-do-it motivational webinars, but real admin training courses from Magento experts that have been in ecommerce for years. That is, the BelVG Magento user training.

There is no need to understand HOW to implement this or that feature. We can take care of that for you. The purpose of our online Magento training is to give you an idea of WHAT exactly can be done with your web store. It’s the undiscovered features and unrealized potential that cost business owners part of their revenue. That is why Magento training is useful for employees of various specialities – marketers, designers, developers, content creators.

Check out our Magento user training materials and you will see that learning Magento from scratch is not hard!

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