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Magento UPS Integration

UPS Magento Integration

Different Shipping Methods & Carriers in Ecommerce

Jul 10, 20202390Dasha M.

Planning a shipping strategy for your ecommerce? What about different shipping methods? And carriers? Besides all of these, you need to decide how much money you want to invest in shipping and calculate how much you have to invest to ensure a high level shopping experience for a customer. You’d better opt for a well-balanced solution.
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Different Shipping Methods & Carriers in Ecommerce

Magento vs Shopify – What is the Best Ecommerce Platform?

Jul 19, 20191645Dasha M.

Check out this article and find out what ecommerce platform will perfectly fit the needs of your online store – Magento or Shopify. What are the core Magento and Shopify ecommerce features, and how they differ in their pricing? What gateways do these platforms support? Find out everything about Magento vs Shopify, and pick the best platform for your store.

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Magento vs Shopify – What is the Best Ecommerce Platform?

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As you might know, shipping is one of the key features of a webstore that makes online shopping truly a convenient option for customers. If your webstore somehow lacks such an option it is very likely you experience clients loses even not knowing about. UPS is a tool many great companies avail on, as they know that on-time and free shipping on most anticipating orders in their loyal customers satisfy even the picky clients.

BelVG is here to introduce a Magento UPS integration for all kinds of products. This tool enables you to expand your scope customers and trade to even far-distance countries. UPS shipping installed by default uses the weight of the parcel to manage the shipping rate for your clients which is just smart and easy as there is no system errors to arise.

Integrating the Magento webstore with top-notch shipping service is a must-do if you aim at getting your e-commerce motor burning, especially if you want to level up your selling rates by promoting the goods across the globe. BelVG team can conduct all the setups and configuration of the UPS integration to let you enjoy improved website operation on a powerful Magento platform. There is a great variety of shipping options available on the website with UPS you will surely can capitalize on. For example, UPS integrated into Magento store allows admin to manage up to 5 orders, create packages for each of them, customize each label, each for different countries even and more importantly, create paperless commercial Invoices for international services.

To hold the process extremely swiftly and easily, create pick up schedule, then edit or cancel it anytime. Moreover, every order and parcel to-go are automatically sync up with UPS, so the customer has no need to perform additional operations and can track which point his order occupies along the journey. Let our team of expert open new horizons for your business.