Mobile app development

More than half of all new internet users use only their mobile devices to surf the web. Furthermore, mobile traffic accounts for over 58% of ecommerce purchases. Neglecting the mobile users can be deadly for an ecommerce business.

Catering to mobile users is not just about having responsive ecommerce design. For maximum customer retention and sales you need to offer your Magento store as a mobile app. Ecommerce mobile apps are literally the gateway to customer’s pockets. urYo app installed on your customer’s device is the ultimate sign of trust and a marketing opportunity that should not be wasted.

To make sure your store is realizing its full potential you need to offer both an Android and an iOS ecommerce app, and the app had better not just duplicate the functions of a website. Using an app builder to create a successful ecommerce app has never worked – all it causes is bad Appstore and Google Play Store reviews saying “this is just a replica of their website”. Therefore, using an app builder is a shortcut that causes more harm than good.

That is why ecommerce mobile app development is a task for seasoned professionals. We’ve created Magento iOS and Android apps for hundreds of companies and we know that an app is not just an extension of the website. After signing on each new client we have our business development guys figure out the best way to create a mobile app based on the client’s specific Magento store.

Here’s a quick list of mobile-native marketing tools that could be working in your app:

  • Social network login and interaction. Instagram + ecommerce app could do wonders for your sales;
  • Push notifications – these messages reach a lot better than emails;
  • Text messenger alerts. Depending on the niche, Whatsapp, Telegram or Viber could be a great extension of your app;
  • Fingerprint/frontal camera authentication;
  • Simplified product listings navigation;
  • Great sales channel for pushing discounted goods.

The best ecommerce mobile apps are convenient, interactive, and non-intrusive, making sure that one-time customers turn into regular ones. Reach out to BelVG if you wish to have an ecommerce app that takes your sales to the next level.

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