Magento maintenance

As an ecommerce store owner you should be able to focus on the big picture of selling online: customer experience, business development, and marketing. That is why BelVG is offering full technical ecommerce support services. When you hire our developers we will continuously maintain your online store. That means Magento updates, integrations and troubleshooting will no longer be your headache.

Our main goal is to have our customers’ stores function seamlessly. No downtime, no glitches, no hacks, no unrecorded data. To achieve that we have dedicated ecommerce developers monitoring your store 24/7 and fixing all possible issues.

Ecommerce security is the backbone of your online shop’s uptime, so we take it extremely seriously. Magento is a vulnerable CMS like all database-based ones, and we follow the maximum security protocols to keep your data safe.

You will always be able to contact us via email, Skype, Redmine or any other channel that your business processes might require.

BelVG will make sure you are never stuck looking for technical solutions – each time an issue arises (and that happens often with high-load e-shops) we jump in and take care of it. Delegation of all technical issues to ecommerce support experts is the key to running a successful online store, and BelVG is your reliable Magento support partner.

Reach out to us today and let us take care of your Magento store maintenance!

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