Magento Modules Development

BelVG has been developing ecommerce websites on Magento platform since 2009. And for almost 10 years we are dealing with Magento extension development as well. Being an official Magento Solution Partner, we occupy the leading position in the market of module development with over 70 created extensions that are available in our store. And this is just the beginning.

What are Magento extensions

A Magento extension is a block of code that helps in shop customization. It can be added to any area of a webstore to extend its functionality. Extensions help you create a webstore that you want with characteristics and capabilities that you need.

Magento extensions by BelVG

The history of BelVG’s extensions began in 2010 when we created Facebook Social Connect. Since then extension development is our field of action. All of our extensions are much-in-demand. Let the numbers speak for themselves: 50 000 of store owners choose BelVG’s extensions to make their websites more flexible, smart, convenient for maintenance and user-friendly.


The most popular extension that we developed is Facebook Connect and Like Free since 25 000  stores are using it. The extension enables customers to log in to your store via their Facebook account. This app doesn’t only simplify the registration process, but also gives an opportunity to “like” the product and send it to friends. In today’s world with its global obsession over social networks and permanent online presence, this extension is indispensable for being successful.


BelVG creates custom developed extensions as well. Overall we made dozens of modules by request on payment systems, delivery services and search systems, that are now used by thousands of webstores.

How to work with us on extension development

If you don’t find an extension that you need in our store, there are a few steps for you to collaborate with us:

  • send us the description of the task. In case you already have a working module, it is better to show us how was it implemented and send API;
  • answer our questions to make everything clear;
  • create technical specification with our help, if necessary.


Then we provide you an hourly estimate for each milestone and divide it into weekly iterations. At the end of every week we send you the result and the weekly report and discuss the development of the next iteration. During or after the project, if you come up with new ideas, we review them and prepare an estimate as for a new iteration. When the project is finished, we help you to add it to a marketplace, if it is needed. We also support the project after the completion.

What’s for today

Although BelVG has done a great job in Magento extension development, we won’t stop there. Our company is still growing and becoming recognized in the ecommerce world . Our main task for today is to get through Magento 2 migration. All of the extensions that are now developed are suitable for Magento 2. And we are working on making the remaining modules compatible with the new version of the platform.

Оur clients

What clients are saying about us


  • Send us the description of your tasks (via email, Skype call, personal meeting) If necessary, we can help you create technical specifications
  • We provide you with an hourly estimate for each milestone and divide it into weekly iterations for FREE
  • If we agree on the estimate, you prepay for the 1st week and we start working, then at the end of the week you check the results and the weekly report and we discuss the development of the next iteration
  • If you come up with new ideas after the start of the project, we review them and make an estimate for a new iteration

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