Ecommerce strategy

The moment you decide to launch an online store you need to make sure you have an actionable and effective ecommerce strategy for it.

Planning an ecommerce strategy is the foundation of e-store development. You need to have a clear idea of what you are selling, where, to whom, and why your store should stand out. Get it done before starting work on the actual ecommerce software development, and your ecommerce project will be able to scale easily and successfully.

At these early stages you need to have a clear picture of your future site structure & system architecture, store concept, marketing strategy, inventory positioning and a lot more. In other words, you need to have a robust attack plan that is based on ecommerce best practices.

We will help you visualize your ecommerce success, put it into tech specs and thoroughly implement it.

Thanks to years of expertise we can help every client with business analysis of ecommerce solutions. We will maximize the creative potential of all your ecommerce ideas.

Here’s how we start developing your ecommerce business:

  1. Our business analysts dive deep into your niche: we evaluate your desired inventory, market, and competition.
  2. If you already have a Magento web store, we make sure it goes through a seamless update to Magento 2 as soon as possible.
  3. We try to figure out as many details about your business, online store and growth plans. That helps shape the most appropriate concept of your store, something that will make it stand out and earn a lot more than the competition. If you have any must-have features in mind, feel free to share them with us.
  4. Depending on your list of must-have features and Magento best practices we arrive at a price quote for you. We do not cut any corners in ecommerce strategy consulting, and your quote will contain only the activities that have proven their value over years of experience. Once we agree on our ecommerce solution pricing we start working on the technicalities of the project.

Contact BelVG today and have experienced business analysts brainstorm your ecommerce strategy with you!

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