A good ecommerce design means more than just coding sleek trendy websites. The whole UI (User Interface) philosophy  influences sales so much that retail giants  spend millions on testing their navigation and UI. Best designs convert visitors into customers, which makes creating ecommerce websites a tough task for amateurs.

Our design professionals offer full-scale design services that turn your website into a mean selling machine, and they are based on hard data and top ecommerce websites.

Here’s a quick overview of our online shop design workflow:

  1. If you have no corporate style ready, we develop it from scratch – from a simple modern logo to a detailed brand book guiding your future ad & content creation.
  2. Once your site’s design is ready and we have an approximate mock-up we all agree upon, there are three ways to go:
  • Design and develop your site on top of an existing Magento theme;
  • Use the BelVG exclusive conversion-oriented theme we’ve developed for our customers;
  • Code a brand new ecommerce theme that you will own exclusively forever

Depending on your budget, time pressure and style preferences, each option could work. What remains constant is our dedication to making your site sell as many items as possible. Clear intuitive UI, easy memorable navigation and site structure, focusing on the advantages of the goods you’re selling instead of the technical elements of your site – those are all parts of how we’re getting there.

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