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The BelVG team would like to inform you about the measures we take to cope with the current situation. The coronavirus pandemic is ramping up and it’s our duty to do all we can to help the community remain stable.


These are hard times for most of the businesses, including those operating online. Now we invest all the efforts in keeping our team safe from potential exposures, protecting our clients and their businesses and supporting the ecommerce community. We already provide 24/7 support to 25 online stores in regions with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the US and others. Read on to learn more about our COVID-19 response.


Stay Home & Stay Safe

We share with the community

Free Magento 2 Tutorial

Stay home to stay safe. Following this recommendation, you can also invest the time of social distancing to gain new knowledge. We have released a Magento 2 guide with all the certifications questions and answers to facilitate you in training and becoming a certified Magento developer. All our guides are free – you can keep growing professionally not leaving your home.

Free Magento extensions & themes

The COVID-19 outbreak affected multiple businesses financially. Our team has decided that during this time we should share the Magento extensions and themes in our marketplace for free. You can keep improving your Magento 1 or 2 online store without spendings.

Free PrestaShop themes & modules

In our PrestaShop module marketplace, we have followed the same approach as in the Magento one. All the modules and themes that our team has been developing over the years can now be downloaded for free. You can try them out in our PrestaShop marketplace and update your online store with top-notch solutions.

COVID-19 Promo Propup

Keep your customers informed about any changes in your schedule, services or special deals that you offer to support them. We have updated our Free Promo Propup for both Magento and PrestaShop with two COVID-19 banners. You can download them in our Magento and PrestaShop marketplaces.

Most Credible COVID-19 Information


To learn how the global community addresses the COVID-19 crisis, consult the reliable information sources only, as the WHO website

Team Safety

Currently, all the members of our team are working remote. Following global recommendations, to reduce COVID-19 transmission and keep each other safe, we now use the means of online communication only.

Customer Support

We keep monitoring the online stores of our customers as always to ensure their smooth bug-free operation, fast loading and high performance. Our commitment remains on the same level. During these tough times, we are not going to give up – the businesses should keep running and our team will invest all our efforts to support them.

Up-to-date Recommendations

Online stores of our customers are not the only thing we keep under the radar – our team follows the latest recommendations released by CDC and WHO. Besides doing it ourselves, we encourage our customers, partners and others to do the same.

No Service Breaks

As it was mentioned, our website support is still in place but it is not the only service that we keep providing. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we do not want our customers to experience any inconvenience when their online store seeks improvement. The BelVG team develops, designs and upgrades online stores as always.

The BelVG team wishes good health to everyone!

Our support team is available 24/7 via phone, messengers and email. Feel free to contact us any time – we are here for you.


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