Add-ons on Friday

March 2, 201210Alex Huk Magento, Prestashop

At the beginning of February BelVG has started its run with the intent of providing several extensions a week. As it turned out, this policy works. Add-ons on Friday deliver this week one Prestashop module and one Magento extension. We need to admit this time we were greatly inspired by eCommerce users, and surfing Magento and Prestashop forums helped us come up with what we present now.

Magento 360° View offers functions and facilities to observe products from different angles. Customers always want to scrutinize things prior to buying them. 360° View button and built-in flash player will help to review items in two ways – spinning products 360° round and rotating them from side to side.

Prestashop Events Wall sets up a virtual events board on your website to post updates, arrange polls and receive user comments. Its special tools frame distinctive news as “Super Events” and integrate all news pages with Facebook.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

They All Say the Same: Consumers are Mobile Driven

March 1, 201221Alex Huk Mobile

Mobile revolution concept  is not a big news nowadays, however, the accelerating speed of mobile devices (сell phones, smartphones, etc.) makes us wonder how far is the way to go.

While Google chairman Eric Schmidt has been conducting the one hour long speech devoted to technology breakthrough during Barcelona Mobile World Congress, “Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users” research appeared the same day in the United States.  Google carried out the study of mobile users behavior across six countries (USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Japan) and came out with some intriguing results. (Read the original extended research with infographics here). BelVG extracted phrases that make a big difference in eCommerce area.


  • “Across most of these six markets, roughly 60% of smartphone users are searching because of an ad they’ve seen offline or in a store.”
  • “Globally, 1 out 5 smartphone users in all six countries made a purchase after looking for local information, whether in-store or online.”
  • “One quarter of global smartphone Internet users have made a purchase on their smartphone.”

I dare to assume that with more and more people migrating to mobile devices preferring them to stationary computers and laptops, eCommerce operations will become an absolute prerogative of mobile gadgets. If you agree or have the opposite opinion, share your comments below.



Magento Connect Top Partners

February 27, 201214Alex Huk Magento

Along with Prestashop analytics that we committed ourselves to, we open a new Magento Connect Review chapter in our blog. It is supposed to cover updates on Magento most successful partners, their progress or regress if it will happen after a while and other changes in Magento contributors’ structure.

Consume this data: “First Wave” Magento Partners

Sweet Tooth
Offers ways to bring the most customized promotions
Templates and Graphics Online Store
One Step Checkout
Has over 10 years of experience with ecommerce optimization
The Premiere Magento Extension Company


Become BelVG Partner and Get a Discount Shower

February 27, 20129Alex Huk Magento

Starting from this Monday, BelVG launches a new deal that is called the Partnership plan. We want to motivate our customers keeping and increasing the score of their purchases in our store and thereby to receive sufficient discounts for that. The Partnership program has separate plans for individual users and resellers with partners. The scheme is simple: when users reach different purchase amount levels, they get higher lifetime discounts according to chosen partnership plan.

You can find Partnership detailed terms in our Magento store scrolling to Partnership tab at the bottom of the left column.