The Talk with the Customer

April 4, 201228Alex Huk Magento

We always wanted to draw the portrait of our clients and let them go public. For this purpose, we open up the series of blog posts called The Talk with the Customer. We can’t organize a chat in a cozy studio somewhere in downtown Minsk, because our clients are quite international and live in different corners of the world. Nevertheless, all interviews will be conducted in a brief and informal way.

The first person I (I.T.) will talk to is Magali Buaillon (M.B.), a web developer in a French web agency that helps customers improve their websites. The agency has purchased Guestbook extension from BelVG and installed it on Automatic Center webstore, a specialist in garage doors and portals automation. This is the page with Guestbook, running on it.

M.B. I’m glad to have this conversation with you. My English is very French :) , but I hope everything will be ok.


Developer Tips: Creating a Tab on the Frontend Product Page in Prestashop

We will develop the module that creates a new tab on the Frontend product page. If everything is done correctly, a new tab will appear on the product page.


All modules use the same basic structure, provided by Prestashop developers. The extension must consist of the following files:

  1. module_name.php – the main file that contains module class with all necessary methods (installation, module removal, etc.) and configuration
  2.  index.php – if the module has a separate page on the frontend, it is better to use this file; if the module has no frontend, you need to set redirections to the home page in this file (for store security)


Prestashop Addons Analytics. April

April 2, 201212Alex Huk Prestashop

Hungry for Prestashop news? Two months elapsed since the time we started monitoring and analyzing Prestashop market and ups & downs of its categories. If you missed our Prestashop analytical articles, don’t worry because we drew the graph with April and March category statistics for you to compare and to be clued up on the issue.

According to the latest observations made on April 1, the biggest growth showed the category with frontend office features (162 new modules over the last month). Frontend improvements are still mostly demanded among Prestashop merchants and illustrate the way of unquestioned dominance.


Pavel Novitsky is the Magento Certified Developer Plus

Big event in BelVG corporate life! The company basks in the glory of its star, Pavel Novitsky, who has successfully passed the Magento Developer Certification and now is titled the Magento Certified Developer Plus.

This certificate states that Pavel is “skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.”

Pavel has left the office at 2 p.m. local time today and came back two hours later with victorious test results. You can imagine, how overcrowded his room is now ;)

BelVG is planning to have all developers team certified within the current year.

Video Guides Paint a Thousand Words

March 28, 20128Alex Huk Magento

This English proverb in headline is very true when it comes to eCommerce products and services market. What are you worried about the most before purchasing some extension? Perhaps, that you won’t be able to puzzle it out. Descriptions and screenshots are quite helpful until the moment customers still feel themselves lost.

Besides our written guides, we introduce video manuals, designed to give our regular and potential clients a better support when they need clarifications.

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