Pavel Novitskiy Is Now a Zend Certified Engineer

Congratulations to BelVG developer Pavel Novitsky on becoming a Zend certified engineer

Congratulations to BelVG developer Pavel Novitskiy on successfully completing Zend PHP 5.3 Certification Examination and becoming a Zend Certified Engineer!  He has now three-in-one eCommerce development  status: except for newly achieved, Pavel is Magento Certified Developer Plus and Prestashop Certified Developer. We cannot be happier and believe he will shortly fry even bigger fish!

Payment Modules in Prestashop. Part II

Create Payment Modules

Let’s take the operation of the module BankWire as an example.

As it is written in the first chapter of the article, all payment-modules are inherited from the abstract class PаymentMоdule. Apart from the settings related to the current method of payment, the BankWire module constructor has two properties set up:

  • $this- >сurrenсies = true; //binding this method of payment to a specific currency
  • $this- >сurrenсies_mоde = ‘checkbox’; //ability to bind to multiple currencies

This module uses only two hooks: Read more

Payment Modules in Prestashop. Part II

Installing And Removing a CMS Mаgentо Module. By The Example Of The Module Facebook Free

Nowadays Internet shops are widely spread and enjoying great popularity due to a number of factors: first of all, because they require no intermediaries such as vendors, cashiers and other conventional staff between the buyer and the goods. But at the same time it is quite a challenging task to create an online-store. This complexity, in its turn, has an impact on the cost and time of development of a store.

CMS – Content Management System – helps to reduce time and cost of development of web-based applications. Specialized CMSes, which help to develop online-stores, exist there. Mаgentо is the most popular. Read more

Installing And Removing a CMS Mаgentо Module. By The Example Of The Module Facebook Free

Prestashop Modules (Part I)

Prestashop is an extensible system, which means that its functionality can be modified with the help of modules. Modules use hooks in order to alter the behavior of the system without intervening the core files. This process helps upgrade to the newer platform version easier and, moreover, it eliminates possible conflicts of modules that can change the behavior of the same function. Prestashop uses over 100 hooks. Read more

Prestashop Modules (Part I)
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