How to Customize Prestashop Header

November 13, 201278Alex Zaymund Prestashop, Tips&Tricks
How to Customize Prestashop Header

Customizing a header without using any modules is essential for the store’s appearance and, as it turns out, pretty easy. For instance, to change the background color of the header block or grid for it to stand out from the site background image, you need to insert the following code into the corresponding class: (more…)

Big Day Release: Magento Chameleon Mobile And Tablet Theme

November 6, 201211Tatiana Kozyreva Mobile
Big Day Release: Magento Chameleon Mobile And Tablet Theme

We are proud to present our new mobile and tablet theme, providing eight awesome looks for your store – Magento Chameleon template. Every single detail of mobile device’s Chameleon user interface is developed for a user to get the best browsing experience on the go. The theme complies with Magento 1.7 mobile standards and is running on various mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc. Simply select the theme color and enjoy the great transformation happening. (more…)

Own Page For The Best Extension

November 5, 20127Pavel Novitsky Social

Magento Facebook Connect and Like Free

We have created a page for our legendary Magento Facebook Connect & Like Free extension. The fact that it has been installed on over 12k+ online stores is impressive enough for the module to settle down on its own territory.

You are welcome to hang out on these pages. Here you can learn more about Facebook Connect & Like Free, check out its info, user guide, release notes and screenshots; browse through the sites where the extension’s installed, read the feedback and info about Pavel Novitsky – Magento Developer Plus, the one, who has developed  this module.

We, as always, are happy to remind you that the extension is totally free!

Check it out.

How To Modify The Footer in Prestashop

How To Modify The Footer in Prestashop

As to the footer, capability to modify it is essential while customizing the store.

For instance, if you want to change its position, open the following file: themes/[you_theme]/footer.tpl and move {$HOOK_FOOTER} to any place.

What about footer content? Well, to change it, you need to develop a module, which will use footer hook. Here is module structure: (more…)

Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

November 2, 20125Alex Simonchik Prestashop
Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

Make it possible for your customers to return to the top of the page with one simple click. Prestashop Scroll Top adds a smooth scrolling effect and eliminates the need to torture the mousewheel to scroll through loads of content. The Scroll Top button is not always visible, appearing only if the page is scrolled down. Scrolling is slight and animated: no page refreshing or sharp jumps. Scroll Top module is totally free!

Key features:

  • Scroll Top button
  • Configurable scrolling animation
  • Possibility to upload the button image
  • Totally free module

Let’s review these features closer. (more…)