“What’s Wrong” Tips: Making Magento Products Visible

March 19, 2012 BelVG Team Magento, Tips&Tricks

BelVG support team receives hundreds of emails, skype calls and direct messages via social network from customers. We are glad that our users are pretty curious and want to get a close look at every single feature of their extensions. However, there are some standard “What’s wrong” and “Why doesn’t it work” questions, so we want to cover customers problems regularly and help them avoid typical pitfalls to run stores smoothly. The first query of the week is right here.

I did everything I could but my store products are still invisible. I’m lost.

There are certain locations in Magento-based stores that are responsible for enabling products in frontend. Inspect them all and make sure their parameters are set correctly.

1. Go edit product page info and check product Status and Visibility. Select Status Enabled and Catalog, Search Visibility.

2. Transfer to Inventory: specify product quantity and put it In Stock.


Add-ons on Friday

March 16, 2012 Alex Huk Magento

This is the middle of March, and we hope that the sun is shining brightly through your window and put you in a good working mood. Even though we can’t boast of a fair weather here in Belarus, this Friday we have something fairly worthwhile for you.

Typically, merchants and customers complain of uninformative Magento navigation menu and poorly designed categories in a menu panel. Could this standard Magento menu stimulate user interest to the webstore?

We answer NO and introduce you our vision of a proper navigation menu.

You will be able to extend your dropdown menu and gain a significant control over its content by using our Magento Dropdown Menu extension. Due to its advanced automation process and block structure you will make your categories meaningful and present as many information as you want.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

Couch Commerce – Watch What Your Star Wears on TV and Click to Buy It

March 15, 2012 Alex Huk Mobile

What do people usually do while watching TV, besides the fact that TV helps folks fall asleep? They follow the plot of their favorite show and simultaneously scrutinize actors’ clothing, interior design and other stuff around stars. TV illustrates lifestyles and people tend to wish the same ones celebrities have. That’s the background of the story where couch commerce begins.

The term ‘couch commerce’, actively popularized by eBay and PayPal nowadays, refers to customers with tablets and mobile phones who do shopping right from their couches.

eBay has revised these potential couch buyers and recently released iPad app called Watch With eBay. It’s concept is brilliant…


BelVG Gave Birth to New European Webstores

March 13, 2012 Alex Huk Magento

Our portfolio became thicker with two Magento-based stores that recently went live. We have been working on these projects from scratch, providing full customization and developing & testing themes and functionality. We introduce their first online versions, henceforth, continuing to polish their performance and mentor their progress.

The Dutch marketplace www.lukx.nl promotes a luxurious lifestyle with glasses, contacts and accessories at reasonable prices. The biggest challenge (and the most interesting part of the work, for sure) was caused by non-standard layout structure. When you look at the screenshot, you will notice that the store is divided into two parts with menu navigation placed at the bottom of the page.


Add-ons on Friday

March 9, 2012 Alex Huk Magento

Woo-hoo, we embrace Friday, the last working day for many employees! Do you feel exhausted of the long week with holiday mess behind your back? Let yourself relax and stop by BelVG store with Add-ons on Friday guiding you throughout our weekly releases.

We did our utmost to help you get your yard ready for spring. This season is typically associated with the wind of changes, so open your window to let it in. Change your store background style to one with expressive images that illustrate page content and make a great first impression on customers with our new Magento Background Page extension.

You expect increasing engagement with customers, so organize activities on your website and invite users to participate in them. Set up a virtual events board to post the latest happenings and offer visitors to take part in them, using Magento Events extension.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.