How to Create Magento Custom Theme

We have already covered the general topic of Magento theme creation in our blog. This time I want to share tips on how to design a non-standard theme for Magento, let’s call it a custom theme. Consider this example to look what I mean.

How to Create Magento Custom Theme

One of the best ways to create themes for Magento is using a method, based on modifying and revising the existing standard theme. I want to remind that Magento offers some pre-installed themes. A good idea for our task will be to use the Blank theme, which contains the minimal set of graphics and css.

In this case we need to create appropriate folders with the name of the future theme in app and skin directories. Then we copy the content of the Blank theme folders into these folders.

The next step is creating a skeleton template for our design. Skeleton templates provide a general page framework for our Magento themes. For instance, we would like to have three different views in our store.


Prestashop Addon Analytics. May

May 2, 2012 Alex Huk Prestashop

Prestashop is one of currently popular platforms that developers shouldn’t ignore if they are tied to eCommerce development. Its prospects got even higher since few months ago submission form advancements took place. Developers began to rely on Prestashop constant growth and submit modules more readily. This is the main reason why we have observed the steady increase of addons on monthly posted analytics graphs.

However, May 1 revealed the unexpected occasion, happened with Prestashop modules within a month. The total number of modules was decreased, comparing to the statistics on April, 1! It means nothing but Prestashop administrators started revalidating modules and incorporated the policy of filtering & sanitizing. Apparently, they found some modules on its frontend not good enough to match Prestashop rising standards.


Don’t Underestimate Testing in Order to Go Bug-Free

April 30, 2012 BelVG Team Magento, Prestashop

When you get some extension for your webstore, you install it and expect to work smoothly. If you are satisfied with results, you think how smart developers are. Customers are unaware that developers usually don’t deliver extensions bug-free at once, but quality assistants must reject badly developed modules and indicate all their weak points. The quality level of any development company is largely based on decent testing. I will tell you how it is done in BelVG.

Testing extensions for eCommerce platforms, such as Magento and Prestashop – is a complex task that requires a special approach. Since modules are only the part of large applications, we should foresee their code impact on the whole system. Planning to release high quality products, we need to check all extension features as well as to explore the effect of user’s potential actions on the entire system. Each link must be verified, each form must be filled in and submitted, each transaction must be conducted and tracked.

Therefore, it is very important to start testing as early as possible and include it in the development schedule to make sure that all features are tested and some time is left to find and fix possible bugs.


Add-ons on Friday

April 27, 2012 Alex Huk BELVG LIVE, Magento

This week was largely marked by Magento Imagine Conference and all the fun, learning and networking it brought to its participants. Even though we haven’t visited Las Vegas and shaken hands with our customers and mate developers, we have been working intensively in their favor all week long. Add-ons on Friday will prove it.

Since we care about developers community and contribute to it at our best, writing Magento certification-dedicated posts, this time we share the Magento Developer Helper extension. It a good way of viewing overridden Magento classes (models, routers, blocks and helpers), made by other developers, at one place. We offer it FOR FREE as a gift from BelVG developers to their colleagues.


Magento 1.7 Release Brings a New Mobile Interface. Pros and Cons.

April 26, 2012 Denis Guriyanov Magento, Mobile

Magento 1.7 release is marked not only by the correction of old bugs and new nice features appearance, but also by the emerging of a new mobile interface. The new design looks fresh and catchy as far as it has been completely revised and redrawn in Magento brand colors, which create a unity of style. This theme is perfect for those sites, allowing guests visiting it from mobile phones.


– A new modern appearance, which significantly increases user-friendliness;
– Use of new technologies and techniques (HTML5, CSS3), that makes it easy to support and develop;


Get Ready for Magento Certified Developer Exam. Describing Methods for Resolving Module Conflicts

We suppose you continue following our Magento certification-dedicated posts in our blog. This time we will tell you about methods for resolving module conflicts.

First we should determine what type of conflict we are dealing with and then figure out the appropriate solutions.


There are 3 levels of modules compatibility conflicts:

1) Conflicts in configuration files
2) Conflicts with the software part
3) Conflicts in a module display