URL Rewrites. Part I (Magento Certified Developer Exam)

December 10, 201233Aleksander Tretjak Certification
URL Rewrites. Part I (Magento Certified Developer Exam)

Overall structure of an address and its elements is well represented in the first comment to the app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Url.php model. You can refresh your knowledge there.

Apache mod_rewrite module plays an important role in URL rewriting. Rules, specified in .htaccess, will not be processed without it. In order to activate URL rewriting, .htaccess.sample file should be renamed .htaccess. The following part is responsible for rewriting: (more…)

Optimization of Magento Test Preparation Process

December 7, 20122Vikentsi Kaziuk Magento
Optimization of Magento Test Preparation Process

Every time before testing, the necessity to create user accounts, multilevel catalogs, items with specific characteristics and other stuff naturally arises. It sometimes takes a lot of time. In this article, I want to share my timesaving experience of working with repeated actions.

We of course can use same Magento, simply switching between modules every time. There is, however, no guarantee that previous module hasn’t left footprints impacting badly on new module. For proper testing, we want to use “blank” Magento for every module. (more…)

Big Day Release: Prestashop Store Locator

December 6, 20122Alex Simonchik Prestashop
Big Day Release: Prestashop Store Locator

Perfect for retail network owners, Prestashop Store Locator module helps customers find the local store of yours on Google Maps and check if the required item is in stock there. User location can be configured to be detected automatically so that the list of the nearest shops could be displayed.  In the product page, the extra tab containing stores with this item on hand appears.

Key features:

  • Store search by user location and products in database
  • Automatic user location detection
  • Increased searching radius
  • Hint text in the product search form
  • Closest stores names, addresses and distances in search results
  • Possibility to import data in a CSV file
  • Adding products to database via admin panel
  • Requires no key to connect to Google Maps
  • Displaying distance in kilometers/miles

Let’s have a good look at them. (more…)

Prestashop Addon Analytics. December

December 4, 20122Alex Huk Prestashop
Prestashop Addon Analytics. December

December is on the calendar, and we are ready to post the fresh analytic table with Prestashop modules stats of the previous month.

November was hot for eCommerce. The month was primarily driven by two marketing titans, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They both made a substantial contribution to the store owners’ well-being. Cyber Monday online sales reached $1.47 billion, up 17 percent over last year, representing the heaviest online spending day in history, according to digital tracking firm comScore, which also reported that Black Friday sales reached $1.04 billion, besting last year’s amount by 28 percent. Online spending for the month of November 2012 reached $20.4 billion, a 15-percent increase over the corresponding period last year according to comScore research. (more…)

Application Initialization (Magento Certified Developer Exam)

Application Initialization (Magento Certified Developer Exam)

Our another Magento certification-dedicated article describes the steps for application initialization.

Magento initialization process starts in index.php (with the exception of Magento integrated with some other sites or CMS).

Let’s take a look at the code of this file. Magento developers made their comments using multi line comment and PHPDoc style comments, so for my own comments I’ll use one line style (so called c++ style) comments. (more…)