How to Set Markers on the Map, Using Google Maps

April 9, 2012 Alex Huk Magento, Tips&Tricks

I am a developer of Magento Store Locator, and today I want to share some secrets with you. If you have clicked Store Locator link,  read the extension description and navigated through its demo store (I encourage you to do that), you may have found, that I use marker points a lot, which show customers the closest store to their location. I will tell you how to calculate the distance between points and build & scale markers, using Google Maps service application.


Easter Addons on Friday

April 6, 2012 Alex Huk Fun&Events, Prestashop

There’s no such thing as too much candy. 

~ Easter Bunny

If you behaved well this week – caught deadlines, replied to your clients in time and didn’t procrastinate on important decisions – the Easter bunny will ring your doorbell and bring a big basket full of goodies.

We have sent the bunny to your place and he should arrive any minute. Look what we put in his Easter basket.

Prestashop Promo Gifts extension schedules free gifts to customers, who have fulfilled different rules (reached fixed purchase price, bought a certain item or the required quantity, applied vouchers and others). It’s the right time to pick up this extension, because you have one good reason to be generous with clients – Easter holiday is coming.

Prestashop Blocks Constructor Multi-Language is an updated version of Blocks Constructor with all its features included, plus now merchants will be able to create blocks in different languages. If your store is multilingual, create extra blocks for your homepage with Easter greetings in many languages.


Prepare carrots for the Easter bunny, when he comes to your home. May the true spirit of Easter hop your way and many wonderful blessings!

The Look at Support Service from the Inside

April 5, 2012 Alex Huk Tips&Tricks

We receive dozens of emails every day: we consider them all and try to respond as fast as possible. Of course, we understand potential clients and customers who want to get answers immediately. Believe me, we have the same desire – to answer  quickly and help to deal with emergency cases.

Imagine a situation: we got the message from you at night (it may be a daytime in your country). While we prepare the respond , you continue sending more and more messages. You become nervous, thinking that your emails are probably lost (though, it is not true), and we are worried that you may be disappointed with us.  If there is no information in your message that we need, problem solving is delayed. How can you speed up the process of troubleshooting?

1. Do you have a question about the extension?  Every extension has the description, screenshots, user guide and a demo store.


The Talk with the Customer

April 4, 2012 Alex Huk Magento

We always wanted to draw the portrait of our clients and let them go public. For this purpose, we open up the series of blog posts called The Talk with the Customer. We can’t organize a chat in a cozy studio somewhere in downtown Minsk, because our clients are quite international and live in different corners of the world. Nevertheless, all interviews will be conducted in a brief and informal way.

The first person I (I.T.) will talk to is Magali Buaillon (M.B.), a web developer in a French web agency that helps customers improve their websites. The agency has purchased Guestbook extension from BelVG and installed it on Automatic Center webstore, a specialist in garage doors and portals automation. This is the page with Guestbook, running on it.

M.B. I’m glad to have this conversation with you. My English is very French :) , but I hope everything will be ok.