How To Modify The Footer in Prestashop

How To Modify The Footer in Prestashop

As to the footer, capability to modify it is essential while customizing the store.

For instance, if you want to change its position, open the following file: themes/[you_theme]/footer.tpl and move {$HOOK_FOOTER} to any place.

What about footer content? Well, to change it, you need to develop a module, which will use footer hook. Here is module structure: (more…)

Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

November 2, 2012 Alex Simonchik Prestashop
Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

Make it possible for your customers to return to the top of the page with one simple click. Prestashop Scroll Top adds a smooth scrolling effect and eliminates the need to torture the mousewheel to scroll through loads of content. The Scroll Top button is not always visible, appearing only if the page is scrolled down. Scrolling is slight and animated: no page refreshing or sharp jumps. Scroll Top module is totally free!

Key features:

  • Scroll Top button
  • Configurable scrolling animation
  • Possibility to upload the button image
  • Totally free module

Let’s review these features closer. (more…)

Prestashop Addon Analytics. November

November 1, 2012 Alex Huk Prestashop
Prestashop Addon Analytics. November

November has stealed on, which means it’s time for a new portion of Prestashop Addon Analytics.

Generally, all the categories demonstrate a slight growth. The exception is a minority Payment Security section – the number of modules here is frozen since September clean-up. International & Localization category has also stopped dead – no developers indicated their intention to create any modules of this kind.

As was pointed out in our previous analytical articles, statistics may be peaceful now, but this may only be the calm before the storm. May and September experience demonstrated waviness of Prestashop review policy. So when do we expect the blizzard? (more…)

Cloud Zoom jQuery Plugin: v1.0.3 vs. v2.1

October 31, 2012 Mishel Soiko Tips&Tricks
Cloud Zoom jQuery Plugin: v1.0.3 vs. v2.1

A new jQuery plugin Cloud Zoom 2.1 version is released. Its demo looks nice. One bad apple spoils the cider though: Commercial License. Sure, there is a FREE License, however, “FREE” sounds good but is not actually a freebie.

In point of fact, I like this plugin. Not so long ago it was a real freeware (MIT License). I even used it in my Magento Quickview Pro extension. But now we have this Commercial License issue. However, if you want to have the effect on the demo in your gallery, I would strongly recommend you to purchase Cloud Zoom 2.1. Totally worth it. (more…)

Magento Halloween Promotions Free

October 29, 2012 Pavel Novitsky Magento
Magento Halloween Promotions Free

Boo! Trick or treat? Scared yet?! Not so much? Well, you should be – Halloween’s coming! While preparing yourself for a very special holiday, sharpening the knives for pumpkin carving and redesigning used duds, make sure your store looks all spooky and cool.

With Magento Halloween Promotions Free you can enhance your eShop with a nice Halloween feature, giving it a scary, All Hallows’ Eve look and allowing promoting any products, both Halloween-related and not. The extension is totally free!

Download now from our Blog or from Github.

At the end of the article, most patient readers can find a special Halloween surprise from BelVG!