Add-ons on Friday

April 27, 2012 Alex Huk BELVG LIVE, Magento

This week was largely marked by Magento Imagine Conference and all the fun, learning and networking it brought to its participants. Even though we haven’t visited Las Vegas and shaken hands with our customers and mate developers, we have been working intensively in their favor all week long. Add-ons on Friday will prove it.

Since we care about developers community and contribute to it at our best, writing Magento certification-dedicated posts, this time we share the Magento Developer Helper extension. It a good way of viewing overridden Magento classes (models, routers, blocks and helpers), made by other developers, at one place. We offer it FOR FREE as a gift from BelVG developers to their colleagues.


Magento 1.7 Release Brings a New Mobile Interface. Pros and Cons.

April 26, 2012 Denis Guriyanov Magento, Mobile

Magento 1.7 release is marked not only by the correction of old bugs and new nice features appearance, but also by the emerging of a new mobile interface. The new design looks fresh and catchy as far as it has been completely revised and redrawn in Magento brand colors, which create a unity of style. This theme is perfect for those sites, allowing guests visiting it from mobile phones.


– A new modern appearance, which significantly increases user-friendliness;
– Use of new technologies and techniques (HTML5, CSS3), that makes it easy to support and develop;


Get Ready for Magento Certified Developer Exam. Describing Methods for Resolving Module Conflicts

We suppose you continue following our Magento certification-dedicated posts in our blog. This time we will tell you about methods for resolving module conflicts.

First we should determine what type of conflict we are dealing with and then figure out the appropriate solutions.


There are 3 levels of modules compatibility conflicts:

1) Conflicts in configuration files
2) Conflicts with the software part
3) Conflicts in a module display


Carousel: the Practice of Sophisticated Development

April 23, 2012 Alex Huk Fun&Events, Magento

Hard work always bears fruit someday. In case of BelVG, it became one new great project that recently went live. We are proud of being contributors to Carousel, an Irish vintage clothing webstore, including hundreds of Magento extensions from leading Magento development companies over the world.

Carousel is running on 10 BelVG extensions along with the ones from AheadWorks, Amasty, MageWorx, Unirgy, WebShopApps and others. Thereby, you can imagine how complicated customization process was to make all these extensions compatible with each other.

The owner of carousel is planning to launch 6 more stores in different niches (menswear clothing, street wear, arrivals across all stores, etc.).

Expect to read an exclusive interview with CTO of the Carousel project soon!

Add-ons on Friday

April 20, 2012 Alex Huk Magento, Prestashop

If you start following us recently, you may not know yet, that every Friday we analyze what we have done for Magento Connect and Prestashop Addons and put forward modules and extensions that we released during the outgoing week. If you are our regular reader – discover BelVG products earlier than your rivals will do.

We upgraded Magento Product Countdown to 1.6.0 version, revealed in significant code improvements. In addition, we made it available for Enterprise EE!


Prestashop merchants have always suffered from losing clients, who left because they mistyped words in the search field. It’s no more a problem with Prestashop Search Autocorrection.


Discussing Prestashop tips in our blog, readers asked us a lot about adding extra tabs to the frontend product pages. And our developers met their request halfway. This is how Prestashop Product Tabs module emerged.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

The Talk with the Customer

April 17, 2012 Alex Huk Magento

We continue posting series of blog articles, dedicated to our clients and their businesses, operating on BelVG extensions. We strongly believe that success of any eCommerce development company is determined by the amount of profit, gained by store merchants. So we dig deeper to find out, whether our customers are satisfied, and then share their answers with you.

Recently I had a very nice chat with one manufacturer and retailer of women’s clothing. Despite hundreds of websites, which sell female garments, his eFashionClothing store draws the attention and seduces to buy its fineries (no advertising, just my female point of view). Director of eFashionClothing has downloaded our Magento Facebook Connect and Like Free extension and is willing to share his story of dealing with it.


I.T. How should I introduce your store to BelVG blog readers?

eFashionClothing My webstore is about women’s affordable handmade fashion clothing (Plus Size Dresses  and Plus Size Clothing) in gothic, renaissance, bohemian, hippie & gypsy styles. I have my Manufacturing Unit in New Delhi (India) and my current target country is the USA. Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and other countries are in pipe line.