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Michel Soiko: countdowns motivate customers like no other marketing tricks

Nov 10, 2011

269 BelVG Team

BelVG has just released a new Magento Countdown module and it’s already working on some online stores. But nobody can comment it better than the developer himself.
So, we are proud to introduce to you Michel Soiko.

Michel is 28 y.o., he has graduated from Belarussian State University (2005). Michel is working with Magento for 2 years. Being a top-ranked workaholic  appearing at the office the first and leaving it the last one gave him a huge amount of experience. Michel is married and has a 2 y.o. son. Michel is a keen cyclist and sushi-eater. His favorite pastime apart from cooking and eating sushi is watching cartoons with his son.




  • What inspired you to develop countdown module?

    On the whole, it was ordered by one of our clients’ store. They decided to prepare their hairdressing equipment and cosmetics store for a Cyber Monday.

    Igor Dragun
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  • Do you think this extension will be in demand among online-stores owners?

    Well, it’s a proven fact, that graphic countdowns near the products motivate customers like no other marketing tricks. Though the store, which asked for a countdown module is still in development, the module itself is becoming more and more popular among other Magento and Magento Enterprise Extensions.

  • What are the main features of this extension?

    Actually, it can work three different ways. You can set a timer for any product or category of your store or both items. Categories and products will be disabled automatically after countdown ends. That means that they still exist in your store, but are invisible for customers.

  • How do you see the future of e-commerce development? What are the trends?

    I suppose, that the main sources of reaching new customers are the social networks and new media. Latest research  inform us that various networks reach over three quarters of active internet users on the major markets. By the way, our clients’ working experience shows that using SMM extensions such as Facebook All in One on their stores significantly increase the number of sales through the social networks and accelerates community building.

Igor Dragun
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