Client’s story: Working on Klubklub Magento 2 Webstore

Apr 25, 2018

1313 Andrey Dubina

Client’s story: Working on Klubklub Magento 2 Webstore

It is always a pleasure to see our clients’ businesses grow and their new webshops arise. New webshops are opened every day, but we have noticed that the best time to do it is when you already have an established business and an existing well-functioning webstore.

Creating new webshops, already having experience under your belt is such a pleasure. Some mistakes have been made and lessons learned, you are aware of all hidden problems and, most importantly, you know how to convey your ideas to the development team. What is more, you can use certain features from the first shop, which is a great way to save resources and effort.

Starting a new project with Beautycos

Beautycos, one of our current clients, approached us with another project — building a new webshop. The new store was supposed to have similar functionality to, but a totally different business scheme. The new idea was to sell products at a better price for those, who have company’s membership and pay a monthly fee.

Before building a new webshop, the client tried to implement this idea into his current website ( by using a custom Recurring profile module created by his previous development team. Even though this module was fixed multiple times, it did not work exactly according to the new plan. So the client decided to build a separate business based on this idea — &


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Key features of the new site

The main feature of the new site is the ability to sell club membership that opens a magic box of special prices, but sells the same products as and

Klubklub member price

But here comes the most interesting part: Beautycos and Klubklub websites were supposed to have shared stocks. For that purpose we created a module that allowed to synchronize 2 websites, with Beautycos being a parent and Klubklub being a child website. So whatever happens on Beautycos prevails over changes on Klubklub. The synchronization between the two sites saved tons of developer’s effort and hundreds of content management hours.


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Technical details of the work done

First, we made a basic version of the sync module, but as it usually happens, this was not enough and we had to improve the whole thing by making it more flexible. Eventually, we developed a whole new module with lots of cool features.

One of them is the ability to define which information should be pushed from Beautycos to Klubklub when a product is created for the first time, what information has to be synchronized between both sites and what information has to be kept different. For instance, product descriptions were not synchronized between the sites, which allowed Klubklub’s content managers to write their unique content in order not to be punished by Google for duplicated content.

Klubklub product page

What concerns the stock management, when a product is bought from either of the 2 websites, the stock is decreased for both. Also, it is possible to enable the synchronization between certain attributes in the custom module’s settings.

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Miscellaneous performed work includes:

  • creating a language switcher and fixing the translation issues that appeared after adding a UK store view on Klubklub Magento;
  • styling email templates;
  • fixing some design mistakes that happened because of different length of words in Danish and English;
  • fixing the Brand module;
  • optimizing a new theme for mobile devices.

The result

The challenge we had to face was anything but easy. However, we managed to implement all the ideas of the new business and get the job done in the best possible way. Visit to check out the result of our cooperation with Kluklub.

You can read more about our client’s main webstore in our recent article Client’s story: Beautycos Magento Webstore Maintenance.

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