Add-ons on Friday

May 4, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Prestashop by Alex Huk

Here in Belarus we have a row of holidays to relax and spend time in family circles. We have celebrated May Day, though some BelVG employees couldn’t make it without work and came to office as usually. Now we are looking forward to Victory Day and put even more efforts in development to deserve payoff. This week we have released two Prestashop modules, improving customer experience in your webstore, and Magento extension update.

Prestashop Pre-order and Waiting List enables pre-order and advance pay for unavailable products. Users may also subscribe to the waiting list to be notified when products appear in stock.


Prestashop Addon Analytics. May

May 2, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop by Alex Huk

Prestashop is one of currently popular platforms that developers shouldn’t ignore if they are tied to eCommerce development. Its prospects got even higher since few months ago submission form advancements took place. Developers began to rely on Prestashop constant growth and submit modules more readily. This is the main reason why we have observed the steady increase of addons on monthly posted analytics graphs.

However, May 1 revealed the unexpected occasion, happened with Prestashop modules within a month. The total number of modules was decreased, comparing to the statistics on April, 1! It means nothing but Prestashop administrators started revalidating modules and incorporated the policy of filtering & sanitizing. Apparently, they found some modules on its frontend not good enough to match Prestashop rising standards.


Don’t Underestimate Testing in Order to Go Bug-Free

April 30, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Prestashop by BelVG Team

When you get some extension for your webstore, you install it and expect to work smoothly. If you are satisfied with results, you think how smart developers are. Customers are unaware that developers usually don’t deliver extensions bug-free at once, but quality assistants must reject badly developed modules and indicate all their weak points. The quality level of any development company is largely based on decent testing. I will tell you how it is done in BelVG.

Testing extensions for eCommerce platforms, such as Magento and Prestashop – is a complex task that requires a special approach. Since modules are only the part of large applications, we should foresee their code impact on the whole system. Planning to release high quality products, we need to check all extension features as well as to explore the effect of user’s potential actions on the entire system. Each link must be verified, each form must be filled in and submitted, each transaction must be conducted and tracked.

Therefore, it is very important to start testing as early as possible and include it in the development schedule to make sure that all features are tested and some time is left to find and fix possible bugs.


Add-ons on Friday

April 20, 2012 / Posted in Magento, Prestashop by Alex Huk

If you start following us recently, you may not know yet, that every Friday we analyze what we have done for Magento Connect and Prestashop Addons and put forward modules and extensions that we released during the outgoing week. If you are our regular reader – discover BelVG products earlier than your rivals will do.

We upgraded Magento Product Countdown to 1.6.0 version, revealed in significant code improvements. In addition, we made it available for Enterprise EE!


Prestashop merchants have always suffered from losing clients, who left because they mistyped words in the search field. It’s no more a problem with Prestashop Search Autocorrection.


Discussing Prestashop tips in our blog, readers asked us a lot about adding extra tabs to the frontend product pages. And our developers met their request halfway. This is how Prestashop Product Tabs module emerged.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

Add-ons on Friday

April 13, 2012 / Posted in Prestashop by Alex Huk

Facebook has acquired Instagram, Google announced a futuristic Glass Project, one of Magento co-founders left eBay…This week was packed with events that all went in one flow. BelVG news also got into this whirl and reflected your increased attention to BelVG developers’ posts. We want to give you some rest for your mind (coding topics are always great except on Friday, when you are probably making plans for the weekend). We show new Prestashop modules, released during this week by our company.

One Step Checkout updates Prestashop standard checkout process, helps customers save their time and reduces shopping cart abandonment.


Product Attachments allows uploading multiple files to product pages. It supports different text, audio and video formats and lets you embed YouTube ID and other URLs (all available formats are listed on the module description page). Besides, admins may restrict access to attached files for unregistered users.


Subscriptions encourage customers to make more than one purchase. With the help of this module, customers will subscribe to products, make a prepayment and receive them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

Easter Addons on Friday

April 6, 2012 / Posted in Fun&Events, Prestashop by Alex Huk

There’s no such thing as too much candy. 

~ Easter Bunny

If you behaved well this week – caught deadlines, replied to your clients in time and didn’t procrastinate on important decisions – the Easter bunny will ring your doorbell and bring a big basket full of goodies.

We have sent the bunny to your place and he should arrive any minute. Look what we put in his Easter basket.

Prestashop Promo Gifts extension schedules free gifts to customers, who have fulfilled different rules (reached fixed purchase price, bought a certain item or the required quantity, applied vouchers and others). It’s the right time to pick up this extension, because you have one good reason to be generous with clients – Easter holiday is coming.

Prestashop Blocks Constructor Multi-Language is an updated version of Blocks Constructor with all its features included, plus now merchants will be able to create blocks in different languages. If your store is multilingual, create extra blocks for your homepage with Easter greetings in many languages.


Prepare carrots for the Easter bunny, when he comes to your home. May the true spirit of Easter hop your way and many wonderful blessings!