BelVG Is Assaulted By a Fraudster –

January 20, 2012 Alex Huk Fun&Events, Magento

The story in brief:, a cheating company, appeared at Magento arena. We were warned by Magestore and played regular visitors to buy our extensions at discount from They sent us the list of companies they “cooperate” with, and BelVG is in it. We haven’t heard anything about, and they are definitely not our partners or resellers. Apparently, they are cheaters. Look at the email we received from them:

“We can also able to get extension with 10-50% discounts from the following extension providers too (Discount rate depends on extension providers).

and many more…

We won’t directly provide the support for the extension. Support and upgrade files provided through the extension providers.”

This day contacted BelVG team and asked to be removed from our blog because they do business legally. We questioned legality and offered compromise: we will delete their name from our blog till next Tuesday. By that time they are obliged to provide us with evidence of innocence. Otherwise, we bring their company name back on the blog.

One hour later they changed their mind to rehabilitate the company. They  shamelessly accused BelVG in hacking and sent defamatory emails to all their subscribers. Look what they have:

“Dear eCommerce store users,
Please don’t trust BelVG company. Our customers have reported that they are HACKERS. All the extensions from them are available at Trustworthy extension providers. Please buy it directly from Trustworthy providers.

Trustworthy Providers : 

Let’s fight against these HACKERS and make them down. We will soon start dedicated website against them. Please forward these information to those who are running an eCommerce store.”

All Magento developers, let’s stay united against fraudsters! BelVG disturbed them from doing speculations, but you saw the list and it’s impressive. Be cautious: your company can be the next.

Update. deleted in a hurry all data about the company and its contact information. They had working website.

And now they have this homepage only.

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