Creating and Managing Themes in Magento 2.0

April 15, 2015 / Posted in Magento 2 by Mishel Soiko
Creating and Managing Themes in Magento 2.0

Creating a theme

First, let’s begin with the theme folder which is created here:

app / design / frontend /

Next comes the folder with the company name (or “Vendor Name” as used in the Developer Guide) and inside it our theme folders are located. You may wonder why I have several themes.  To explain this, let’s try to create the following structure: (more…)

Big Day Release: Magento Bundle

December 12, 2014 / Posted in Magento by Mishel Soiko
Big Day Release: Magento Bundle

Magento Bundle is a new money saving offer that will enhance your store with the cutting edge modules and extensions at the best possible price. We have collected 10 most popular and highly demanded modules into a single powerful package.

The extensions will boost different aspects of your store such as design, navigation, product view and speed. All modules have been tested and proved to be 100% compatible with each other on any store.

Key Features

  • Nine most acknowledged and powerful modules in a single package;
  • Enhance all important aspects of your store;
  • All modules have been fully tested for compatibility;
  • All modules from the package can be installed and applied on any store;
  • Choose yourself how many modules from the bundle you want to get;
  • The more modules you select the better discount you get.


Multistore in Magento 2.0

October 14, 2014 / Posted in Magento, Magento 2 by Mishel Soiko

We need to create two web sites: and

First, let’s create the first site. Unzip Mаgentо into the folder on the server. Then install it, configure and now the site is ready to use.

You can install the second store in the same way as the first one, but I would like to describe a new interesting feature: the “Pub” folder in the Magento root.

The store domain can be connected both to the folder into which Magento has been unzipped and to the Pub folder. In both cases we will get a full running store. (more…)