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3 Exceptional and Free Magento Automation Extensions

May 18, 2015

786 Alex Plotnikov

3 Exceptional and Free Magento Automation Extensions

It’s pretty hard to outpace the world today. You always have to prioritize between the things that you need to do and the things that you want to do. That’s why automatic processes, devices and software solutions play a great role in our lives. They make our lives better, with more room for ourselves, the people around us or our business. That’s why I wanted to tell you a little bit more about 3 great automation extensions for your Magento store, which can make your life a lot easier, save you a ton of time and increase your productivity. Oh, did I mention that these are all free?

iWeb Auto Related Products

Everything matters in your online store. Everything in your front and back ends should work towards meeting your revenue and profit goals. That’s why even the smallest things in your marketing and merchandising arsenal can play a huge role for your bottom line.

Most online stores have numerous ways of making people pay more and buy more. Compulsive buyers be praised! A set of related products makes people stay longer on your website and pay more, in case if they decide to fall for your suggestions. In Magento, out of the box ‘suggested products’ functionality is pretty limited, but the biggest downside is that you have to create those related products manually. This can be a real drag, if you have dozens/hundreds/thousands of products. If you’re not ready to waste that kind of time – iWeb Auto Related Products extension is right for you.

iweb auto related products

It will automatically pull related products from the same category the selected merchandise is in. The setup is very straightforward and it’s so easy to use. It only has a handful of setting, which you don’t need a separate manual for. But the potential benefits of using this extension are pretty great – save hours by not creating related products manually.

Facebook all in 1 extension Magento 2

Facebook All in One for Magento 2

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Automatic Mage Smart Multi Backup and Rollback

Your lack of belief in Murphy’s Law, doesn’t make your online business immune to threats, attacks, hardware failures and other unfortunate events. This is especially true, if you’re using your own hardware to host and store data.

Any IT professional will tell you that backing up your content is essential to website stability, security and as a results – profitability. You may never need those backups, but you will regret not doing them, when the time actually comes.

If data storage and backup are not your things, then the extension by Mage Smart is right for your.

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mage smart backup

It offers a number of features, including: automatic backup intervals, various backup options (local storage, server storage). Another good thing is that it works in the background, so you won’t have to sit in your browser and wait, until the process is over.

Backend Automation by HubLogix

This one is the most complex out of the given list. It’s also for the big boys, stores that are rapidly expanding and need to keep up with their inventory, maintain stable order lifecycle and integrate all of this (and more) with their warehouse.

It is especially useful, if you’re using the drop-shipping model for your online business. The whole process of forwarding orders to your suppliers, managing order tracking and distribution is beautifully handled by this extension.

hublogix extension

The extension also supports multi-channel solutions and can easily integrate your store with your fulfillment center. Again, no coding required for such a complex solution and this is truly great. It can potentially save you dozens or even hundreds of hours that you might have used optimizing your chain manually or with the help of less sophisticated solutions that only have parts of the required functionality.

Quick view for Magento 2

Quick View Extension for Magento 2

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When choosing an automation extension for your store, make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Do developers pay attention to the extension, by updating and upgrading it?
  • Do you have to use multiple extensions or is there a single extension that has the same combined functionality?
  • Maybe you’re better off buying an extension, than using a free one that lacks functions and stability?
  • Do you foresee a significant improvement of your internal process, after the extension is installed? There’s no need to clutter your store with numerous extensions, which don’t actually provide enough functionality.
  • Is there proper documentation for the extension I’m about to install?
  • Do I feel comfortable using the interface or a tech person is required to actually make the extension work? For the sake of automation – the extension has to be manageable by non-tech personnel to ensure smooth operation.

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