BelVG Extends Social Media Channels

September 15, 2017 Vladislav Yunusov BELVG LIVE, ECOMMERCE
BelVG Extends Social Media Channels

Today we’re excited to announce big news!

BelVG decided to get addictive to social media completely and created a new account on Instagram!

Now you’re able to know what is going on behind the scenes, feel the vibes of the company and learn some secrets of ecommerce development world.

Stay up-to-date with all things happening in the BelVG universe.

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Our Prestashop Work:

Our Prestashop Work: is assured to be one of the well-developed web stores known for its designed functionality and up-to-date features that make shopping experience enjoyable. The site is hugely popular with gamers who prefer regularly playing computer games and are familiar with gamer world. Involved in e-commerce sphere, has to follow current trends in order to meet client expectations. That’s why a year ago it was resolved to upgrade the website by adding additional features and altering the current details into unique special features that make the website stand out from its contemporaries. So the task to redesign the website was trusted the BelVG company. (more…)

Prestashop Store Locator Update

Prestashop Store Locator Update

Recently we have released the new 1.6.3 version of Store Locator module for Prestashop. And now it’s available for purchase on our Prestashop Store.

Would you like your customers to explore a retail store or outlet near them? Store Locator is assured to be an up-to-date gimmick helping your shop differentiate from competitors. It’s the best module which locates the store on the map. Having detected user’s location, the module helps to find the nearest shop which contains a necessary item. Focused on the benefits it brings to the customers you make them satisfied while increasing your sales. (more…)

Big Day Release: Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

Big Day Release: Yotpo Reviews Free for Magento 2

Trust and authentic feedback is crucial for soliciting clients. Nowadays it is believed to be one of the reliable way to get unbiased opinion concerning the product you’d like to purchase. How to attract more shoppers ready to write reviews and estimate the products? The only thing you need to use is called Yotpo Reviews Module for Magento® 2. It is all-in-one tool helping generate all the reviews left on the platform Yotpo for your webstore. The vast number of feedback, questions and answers as well as evaluation are shown on your website without any additional effort that helps your customers make better shopping decision. (more…)

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